Network Marketing Negativity and How to Deal

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My Tire Popping and Network Marketing Negativity

Ever have someone come along and “pop” your tire?  You know the person…the one who comes over and “rains” all over your parade.  Hate those people.  Here you are having an amazing day, only to have some nit-wit flatten your tire and ruin your whole day.

No giant A-HA moment here…but worth a quick view, especially if you've ever had someone try to blow you out…or give you a “blow out” in your business.

So…I'm in Boulder, Colorado the other day.  Beautiful scenery…great drive.

My tire pops.  I'm stuck.  I'm stranded.  But…I have a spare tire in the trunk.  My tire popping reminded me of network marketing negativity in my life.

Look at your business.  Watch the video above.  What you do when someone “pops” your tire or something slows you down.  There's only one thing TO do.  Do you let their network marketing negativity impact you or….  ??

Not a life-altering, all new level of enlightenment I give you in the video above.  But…

…ask yourself this.

What is it that I do when someone or some “thing” pops my tire?
How do I choose to respond to those situations?

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