Prospecting Mastery – Getting Your “P” Right

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery - Getting Your “P” Right
  • How Having This “P” Would Have Saved Me From Lots Of Stress
  • My First Year In Network Marketing Without Have The “P.”

Prospecting Mastery - Getting Your “P” Right

Let’s talk about getting your “P” right.

Now, know this before I tell you what the “P” stands for.

Without it, you’re highly likely to fail in this business.

Once you start applying the “P” in your business, you’ll see it begin to take off like a rocket.

No, the “P” does NOT stand for prospect or prospecting.

Yet, both are important.

This “P” happens to be the MOST important!

And in this week’s training, I’ll share how applying this “P” in your business can be life-changing.

You can start implementing this “P” within the next few minutes, and it costs nothing!

Don’t miss out on this training because it’s critical to your success.

Let’s get started.

How Having This “P” Would Have Saved Me From Lots Of Stress

So, what does P stand for?

It stands for “Patience.”

Yes, having patience in this business (and in life) will save you a lot of stress.
Acting on impulse and “hoping” things will magically happen can cause undue stress in your life.

We must learn to develop patience in all areas of network marketing.

This means…

Patience in our expectations for the business.

Patience in our expectations with customers.

Patience in our expectations with new prospects.

Patience in our expectations with our new reps.

Patience in our expectations with our team and their activities or lack of.

Let me share a quick story with you…

My First Year In Network Marketing Without Have The “P.”

When I first started network marketing, I saw the business opportunity presentation.

At that time, I had never been exposed to network marketing before, so it was all new to me.

I was very excited about this concept.

I’d thought I’d be making $10K per month within 90 days.

I then quit my job, which was paying my bills and then some.

Found myself operating from a position of desperation because I was running out of money.

It was a downright foolish decision for me at the time.

After 90 days, I wasn’t making $10.00, let alone $10K.

I would have kept my job, built my business part-time, and proved that I could do the business.

Now, because I decided to do network marketing and figure this business out.

I had to develop the patience needed to become successful eventually.

If you’ve decided to do this business, develop patience and become successful, I want to invite you to check out my Fearless Networker Insider group.

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