Prospecting Mastery – The Learn Do Technique

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery – The Learn Do Technique
  • The FAST WAY To Become A Master Prospector
  • The Simple Two-Step Process For Prospect Mastery

Prospecting Mastery – The Learn Do Technique

You’re going to love today’s training! I’ve decided to kick off a little training series called prospecting mastery. Now, some of you might be thinking…“Todd, is prospecting important? ”My answer…YES! Prospecting is critical to your success in growing a thriving network marketing business. Prospecting leads to the revenue and overall growth of your business. Best of all, it’s the ONE THING you can control! This means your income is dependent on your ability to prospect. And in today’s training, I’ll show you a simple two-step process for becoming a master at it. Let’s jump in and get started…

The FAST WAY To Become A Master Prospector

What I’m going to outline for you might seem ultra simplistic. This is the exact process I used over 30 years ago. It’s called the “Learn by doing” technique. See, the game of network marketing is a confidence game. This means you want to have confidence in your company, products, industry, and most importantly yourself. Now, let’s look at how you get confidence. Confidence comes from competence. This means the more competent you are at something, the more confidence you have in doing it. To keep things super simple, it looks like this…Low confidence = low competence. High confidence = high competence. Next, let’s look at…

The Simple Two-Step Process For Prospect Mastery

How do you get good at prospecting? Great question. The answer is this…You can’t get good at something you never do. This means in order to get good at prospecting; you want to start prospecting. The key here is a simple two-step process. Step one: Start learning the basics of prospecting. This means to start learning everything you can about what it takes to become an effective prospector. I have a resource for you in just a moment. Once you start educating yourself on prospecting and learning from someone who’s actually in the field doing it, it’s time for the next step. Step two: You want to start taking action on what you’ve learned. This means connecting with people and prospecting them. Getting on the field and playing the game. At this point, your skills start improving, your confidence starts increasing, and prospecting becomes fun (and profitable) at this stage. Again, quick reminder…Learn and the do. Simple. Yet, extremely powerful and will change your life! Now, I’m going to help you take your learning to the next level when it comes to prospecting. This week I’m running a special promotion on one of my best-selling programs called… “Cracking The Code To Success” in Network Marketing. And, for a limited time, you can get instant access to it for 70% OFF the retail price.

This episode, #169, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery -The Learn Do Technique.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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