Prospecting Mastery – Why Follow-Up Is A MUST

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery – Why Follow-Up Is A MUST
  • This Is Where Most Of Your Money Is Made
  • The Secret Language Pattern For Fast Sales

Prospecting Mastery – Why Follow-Up Is A MUST

If you’d like to speed up your sales, pay close attention to today’s training. Think of this training as a “SECRET PASS,” which allows you to sell more products, recruit action takers, and boost your bank account. I say “secret pass” because it’s taking me decades to master this, and it’s the ONE THING that drives sales fast! I’m talking about…Years of trial and error, perfecting the exact language patterns to move people into action. And in today’s training, I will show you what these language patterns are and how you can start using them today If the thought of bringing new customers and reps aboard within the next few days excites you, watch today’s training.

This Is Where Most Of Your Money Is Made

The money is made in the follow-up and follow-through in this business. You can prospect for days, and you'll lose the business if you’re not following up with people. Make sure you watch my video at the top of this page because I go more into depth on this topic. The key to consistent sales is following up with your prospects. I’ll share with you in a moment exactly what to say to do this.

Just know, for now, following up and following through is where you should focus on getting good. So, when do you follow up? Good question. You don’t wait to follow up. Professionals follow up quickly because they’re of service to the other person. When setting up a follow-up, you want it to be over the phone. The reason is if you’re going to do business with this person, you want to talk with them. Now, let’s look at…

The Secret Language Pattern For Fast Sales

Most network marketers say something like this when asking to follow up…“Bob, Can I follow up with you tomorrow?” Asking the question this way allows the prospect to say “yes” or “no.” You DO NOT want to ask a yes or no question at this point. Instead, you want to add a word in front of your question. Simply adding ONE LITTLE WORD to this sentence changes the game. You want to add the word “WHEN.” This pre-supposes you can get back with them. Here’s your follow-up question now…“Bob, WHEN can I get back to you this evening? I’m free between 7 or 8 pm? ”Start asking for the follow-up appointment like this. Again, most of your money is made on follow-through and following-up. Remember…You have to GO AND GET the business!

Plus, you can SAVE BIG during this special promotion. Each week I go live sharing my latest prospecting and follow-up strategies with you. This episode, #188, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery – Why Follow-Up Is A MUST.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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