Rejection-Free Network Marketing?

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I'm sure that the idea of rejection-free network marketing is music to many people's ears.  Wow!  You mean I can do network marketing without being rejected?

The simple answer is yes.  And, the long answer is yes.

Everyone in network marketing hears the word NO.  Leaders hear it.  New people hear it.  Everyone in LIFE hears the word NO.  We hear it everywhere.

Nobody likes being rejected.  No one likes feeling rejected.   It's uncomfortable.  We ALL want to be accepted and embraced.  It's who we are as human beings.

Being accepted, having our ideas heard and accepted is something that feeds us and nourishes us.

I hear ALL THE TIME in network marketing,

“I hate being rejected.”
“I'm afraid of rejection.”
“I don't want to be rejected.”

No one likes being rejected.  A hand in your face signaling “get away from me…I want nothing to do with you” is not a fun feeling.

I firmly believe that the feeling of being rejected by someone when it comes to prospecting people for your product or business is a CHOICE.  It's not an automatic response…although for some people reading this, it may feel like it to you.

Why is it that some people hear the word NO and continue moving forward, while others hear the exact same word and it puts them on pause???

It's HOW the person CHOOSES to REACT to what they heard.

We've all been faced with thousands of situations in our lives where we have the right to CHOOSE how to react or respond to that situation or circumstance.

Chances are extremely high…as in 100% high, that if you're feeling rejected, it's because you're choosing to feel that way and allowing yourself to become emotionally attached to what you wanted the outcome to be.

All you really have to do is decide to respond differently.

When you hear the word NO, or “I'm not interested”…instead of taking in personally, look at it this way.

The prospect isn't rejecting you personally.  It doesn't mean they don't like you…it very likely means that they simply don't want what you have to offer or aren't in a place where what you're presenting to them is what they want.  They're really saying NO to themselves…although they may verbally be saying “I'm not interested in taking a look at your business.”

Rejection-Free Network Marketing is at your fingertips right this very moment.  Simply CHOOSE to not take it personally.  Move on.  Be good with NO.  Embrace it.  You'll get plenty of them if you stay in network marketing…or quite frankly any business for an extended period of time.

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