The #1 Reason People Don’t Make Money in MLM

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While there are many reasons one might not succeed or make money in MLM, there is one blaring reason why some individuals simply do not make it.

It has to be said.  I've had far too many experiences over the years to draw any other conclusion than this.  Yes.  There are other reasons.  But, this is the BIG one.  This is the #1 reason people don't make money in MLM.

The #1 Reason People Do Not Make Money in MLM is…
they simply do not do the work!

Yea…many of them “work”.  But…they don't do the right work.  Sitting around and taking notes at a seminar might be considered part of your “work”, but unless you apply what you learn and take actionable steps, it'll never come to fruition.

If you've ever noticed how much I focus on tracking your numbers and being accountable to yourself, you'd pick up on the fact that it all focuses on this one very important question,

What Did I to Today to Generate New Business?

We could change that question into different variables…

How many people did I talk to today about my company?
How many new customers did I put into my business this week?
How many people have I reached out to in the past 90 days to share what I'm doing?
How many new reps did I recruit this month personally?
How many people are in my pipeline right now?
What did I do specifically in the past week that will directly put food on the table from my business?

We could change that question 100 times over.  Bottom line to your bottom line is “What did I produce today?”

Learning is GOOD…and it's a BIG part of getting better results.  But, the perpetual student and never doer isn't going to win the race.

The #1 reason why people don't make money is that they simply do not do the right work consistently over a long enough period of time to yield the result. 

The RIGHT WORK done CONSISTENTLY over time is what produces the result.

The second half of that equation is bouncing back from a setback.

RESILIENCE…the ability to get back up and keep going after you've had your rear end handed to you is going to make a big difference.  We ALL have setbacks, butt kickers, bad days, and meetings that don't go the way we had planned.

Your ability to get back up and keep moving after you've had a setback…and stay in consistent revenue producing activity (the right kind of work) will be a huge contributor to your success.

It's fine to sit on your butt for a minute to recover, but not for a lifetime.  Getting back up is necessary.  The truth is…some people get knocked down and choose to never get back up again.

The Right Activity:  Prospecting and Recruiting
Done Consistently Over an Extended Period of Time
Without Changing Opportunities or Wavering from Your Decision
and Bouncing Back up After Getting Knocked Down. 
That's What Will Help you Succeed in Network Marketing.

Yes of course.  There are other things that contribute to your success…but if you don't do the right work consistently, nothing else matters.

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