The Most Important Part of your Network Marketing DMO

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What you do daily matters…BIG time!  How you focus your time, when and where you focus that time…it all makes a monumental difference in your bottom line profits.

So…having a consistent Network Marketing DMO or Daily Method of Operation is key.

This happens to be one of those questions that I get REPEATEDLY,
especially from newer reps who are trying to figure this game out.

What's the Best Network Marketing DMO?

The best Network Marketing DMO should be mostly focused on RPA.  In other words, you should DAILY be focusing on activities that make you money.  RPA stands for Revenue Producing Activities.  Some people prefer to use the term IPA…which stands for Income Producing Activities.  Either way…the focus is the same.

Most of your day should be focused on revenue producing activities.
Most of your day should be focused on revenue producing activities.
Most of your day should be focused on revenue producing activities.
Most of your day should be focused on revenue producing activities.

Pretty sure I've made my point clear.  But…let's dig a bit deeper.

How you Should Be Spending your Day 
A Deeper Dive into your Network Marketing DMO

Early in the Morning and Late at Night (before most people are awake or after they go to bed) is reserved exclusively for NON-revenue producing activities!

Things like paying bills, personal development (reading, watching, listening, learning), working out at the gym, writing blog posts or articles… and all other non-revenue producing “busy” activities should be done in the fringes of your time.

You're being foolish with your time if in the middle of the day you are listening to a recorded training webinar!

You're not being smart if you are writing checks to pay your bills at 11am. 

You're losing money if you go to the gym at 9am…when you could be doing it at 5am before your prospects wake up. 

I'm being as direct as I can here.  Your time is the most valuable commodity you have…and it is important you are smart with it.   A good network marketing DMO is one where your daylight (when people are awake) hours are spent drumming up business, and ALL other activities are done on the fringes…the edges of your day!

I wake up EARLY.  At the gym by 6am at the latest.  I'm at my desk and showered by 8am…ready to hit the day.  I'll knock out a few email responses (the REALLY important ones).  Others can wait until later.  I produce most of my blog videos early in the am or late at night.  I write early in the morning or LATE at night.  From 8am to 8pm…that's primary production time.  Prospecting, presenting and drumming up new business.

ALL of your day, your waking hours, when all of your prospects are also awake,
that's the time for you to be focusing on RPA's.

The daytime hours…the hours when others are awake, that's PROSPECTING, INCOME PRODUCING, REVENUE PRODUCING PRIME-TIME.

LATE at night is for your busy work.
EARLY on the morning is for your busy work, your other stuff that doesn't directly make you money.

A blog post may “indirectly” make you money, but it's taking away from your primary production time if you are doing it mid-day.  Be smart about your Network Marketing DMO.

The Bare Bones Version for your Network Marketing DMO

If you can talk to someone and they're awake, that's what you do.  You're probably not doing presentations at 6am or 11pm…that's the time for emails, writing, reading, paying bills or whatever else you need to do for your business.

When others are awake, you should be focusing on prospecting, presenting, following up and doing business.

Better yet…if it's just busy work, get someone else to do it for you!

Pretty simple stuff here guys.  Strike while the iron is hot.  And…it's hottest when your prospects eyes aren't closed!

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