The Network Marketing NFL and What to Do About it

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The Network Marketing NFL…and I'm not talking the National Football League is an industry term that was made up by someone very long ago and it means, “No Friends Left”.  People sometimes refer to it as the “No Friends Left Club” or the “Network Marketing NFL” or “Network Marketing NFL Club.”

I don't know about you…but I don't think I'd ever want to be part of that club.  Doesn't found very exciting or enjoyable to me, and I'm sure the benefits of being part of that club are slim and meager.

In my opinion, no one should ever be part of the Network Marketing NFL Club.

It's ridiculous.  Silly.  Stupid.  It's one of those “clubs” that I'm pretty darn sure people walk around with their head down in shame being part of it.  It's demeaning.

The Good News:  You Don't Have to Be Part of the Network Marketing NFL

First of all, let's talk about HOW people “feel” as if they're part of that club or end up being in that situation.  Then, we'll talk about avoiding it altogether and repairing your reputation if you feel that describes you.

People get into the Network Marketing NFL Club by doing things WRONG.  Remember, it's not the Network Marketing No Cold Market Prospects Club.  It's the Network Marketing No Friends Left Club.

Here's why and how people become part the Network Marketing NFL Club and knowing this, you can avoid it altogether:

#1:  Overly Out of Control Enthusiasm Combined with Not Listening!  

Enthusiasm is an important part of attracting people to you, but it can work to your disadvantage if it's not controlled enthusiasm, combined with listening!  In other words, be excited…just don't be a freak.

Here's an example of a conversation that will lead to alienation:

Network Marketer:   “Bob…oh my gosh.  I found the greatest opportunity on the planet and you should do this.  We're going to be rich!  This is the biggest thing since sliced bread, and you gotta do this.  You're stupid if you don't look at this.”  

Prospect Bob:  “I'm really not interested in looking at your new business…but thanks for thinking of me.”

Network Marketer:  “Dude…your stupid.  You're going to regret it.  Don't you get it?  This thing is going to be so big, and you're going to miss it.  I can't believe you won't even look at it.  I thought you were smarter than that!  I won't drive you around min my Lambo when I get it.”

Prospect Bob, clearly irritated:  “Look..  I told you I wasn't interested in looking at your business.  I've got great things going on in my life already.”

Network Marketer, still not getting the clue:  “But…but…but…”  

Bottom line with this chat.  Bob probably will ignore this network marketer's calls from now on.  The network marketer, while enthusiastic…went way too far and didn't listen to the simple clues the prospect was giving him.  I doubt they will be spending much time together, since Bob will likely press the red button on his cell phone every time he sees this person call.

#2:  Jumping from Company to Company.

The second reason why people become part of the Network Marketing NFL is because they keep changing companies every couple of months and claiming that “THIS IS THE ONE!  This one is going to lead us to riches!  This is wayyyyy better than the last seven companies I talked to you about!”  

I get it.  Sometimes you need to make a change.  Sometimes it's not a good match.

But…in ALMOST EVERY CASE, it is the PERSON IN THE MIRROR that needs changing, not the company.

Want to lose the respect of your friends?  I didn't think so.  Make a decision and STICK to it.  Stop switching from company to company.  And…don't try to do multiple deals at once.  Not a good strategy.  I don't know any top network marketing leader that does more than one company.  Not one.  Focus is critical.

#3:  Not Being Serious About your Business.  

If you're going to do it, do it.  Don't treat it like a hobby or it will cost you money and friendships.  You start off all excited for a week or so…then fizzle out.   Every now and then you make a call or two…and talk a big game “as if” you're seriously building, but in all reality, doing nothing.  Time passes.  Friends begin to ask how your business is going, but you have nothing to show for it.

You're afraid to admit that you're not making any money, but the reality is…you're not making any money because you're a bench warmer, as spectator.  To earn the respect of your friends and others, don't you dare hobby this business.  Do it.  Even if you are a part-timer, DO the business seriously.  If you treat it like a joke, you'll be perceived as a joke.

Over time…they'll know you've been in this business you keep “talking about” but doing nothing about and asking you how it's going, yet it's going nowhere.  Then…we've created yet another person in network marketing who helps give the profession a bad name.  Why?  Simple.  Because you ACT like you're in the business, but doing nothing with it.  And…the people who know you're in it (your friends), they begin to think, “Wow…my friend has been in this network marketing thing he keeps talking about, but he is still driving his 1971 Ford Maverick and living with his mom.  Obviously, network marketing doesn't work.”

YOU GETTING MY DRIFT HERE?  Want to Change the Perception of You in Network Marketing?

If you NEVER, EVER want to be part of the Network Marketing NFL Club, here's what you do instead:

You make decision to do the business and you stick to the program.

You treat it seriously.  You work it…daily.  You stick to it, and you never stop until you get there.  This is a business…one that takes commitment and work.  This is NOT a hobby, even if you build part-time.

You build it with enthusiasm, combined with LISTENING and paying attention to the simple clues people give you.  It's not hard.  It's pretty damn easy to tell if someone is interested or not based on their response.  You respond to them based on their interest level.  You never get down on a person who doesn't see it or has no interest.  You're grateful and thankful they even listened to you.  You're kind to them and not pushy.

For Those Who Feel They are Part of the Network Marketing NFL Club

“But Todd, What if I'm already feeling as if I am part of the Network Marketing NFL Club?  What can I do about it?”

I feel you.  I understand.  Here's what you do from this point in the future.

Stop what you've been doing and START doing things differently.
Stop switching companies.  Build the one you're with.

By the way…you can be REAL with people.  People LOVE authenticity.  If I blew it with my friends and did nine deals acting like an idiot and alienated a bunch of friends, here's what I'd do.  I'd call my buddy's who I'd taken the nine deals to and I'd say something like this,

“Bro…listen.  I need to talk to you.  I know that I've acted like a crazy idiot at times with my network marketing businesses.  I've come to you so many times that I can't even count.  I'm sorry.  I didn't know what I was doing…and I blew it.  I didn't understand what kind of commitment it took to succeed and I kept looking for answers in another company.  I finally looked in the mirror and got real with myself and came to the conclusion that I was the issue.  

Quite frankly…every one of the companies I brought to you in the past were solid companies.  I wasn't solid.  I've made a decision in my life…and as hard to admit as it is, I've acted like a fool.  I have been in my current company now for over a year…and haven't even felt like bringing it to you because of how I've acted in the past.  I have no clue whether you'd even be interested in taking a peak at what I'm doing now, but I can tell you this…I won't be changing companies next week or next month.  I've had my head down for a year and have seen some great progress.  

I would be honored if you'd just take a look at it…and I'd totally get it if you didn't even want to based on my past history with you and network marketing.  If I sent you an email with some information on what I've been doing the past year, would you at least take a look at it?”

That's being dead honest.  People appreciate individuals who are humble, authentic and vulnerable.

Now…of course, you better back up what you said and DO exactly what you said from this point forward.

I hope this helps.  You never need to be part of the Network Marketing NFL Club…period.

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