Three Ways to Get your Network Marketing Team Doing More

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One of the things I constantly hear from network marketers is,
“I need to get my team doing more!”

It may come out in different ways, but the meaning is the same.

“How do I get more people to duplicate?”
“I need to get more of my people into action.”
“How come more of my team members aren't taking action?”

For the sake of this post, I'm going to keep it bare bones simple.

We can't force anyone to do anything in this profession.  Network Marketing is a volunteer sport.  It's not a job…and most people aren't really looking for another boss to TELL them what to do.

So..being forceful or pushy will most likely backfire on you.  There's nothing wrong with encouraging people to do more and inspiring them in other ways…but pointing your finger and saying “Go do that” isn't really a great strategy.

Better to be thinking “Let's go do this” than “YOU go do this.”

Three Ways to Get your Network Marketing Team Doing More

#1:  Inspire Them through your Actions.

What is fundamentally motivating is having someone truly ‘lead by example'.  If you want your team doing more, they need to see you doing more.

How can we really expect our team to be recruiting and prospecting when we aren't doing it ourselves?  If you're being totally honest with yourself, look at your personal actions.  Are they inspiring others to do more because they see you reaching, stretching and growing?  When they see you doing, they are far more likely to be doing more themselves.

We inspire people through our actions.  So…YOU taking action is the first step in getting your network marketing team doing more.

#2:  Work WITH your Team. 

Some people are just flat out scared.  Most people have fear issues that cause them to stall and not move the way they'd like to in this business.  Self-worth issues, fear of failure, making mistakes, being judged, fear of responsibility…all these things cause people to stall and not act.

So…if you'd like to change that, work WITH them.  That means literally working with your team!  I'm a huge proponent of scheduling time to work directly with your team members.

On of my favorite strategies is scheduling time working and building with people on your team.  You can call them Team Building Nights, Working Wednesdays, Business Blitzes, or any other word you want to give them.

Bottom line is booking time under the same roof where you all work your business together, making calls, setting appointments and conducting revenue producing activities.

A guy in one of my coaching groups did a blitz this past week with a handful of people and in just a couple of hours scheduled over 80 appointments.

It makes it a lot easier for people to act when they are around action and activity.  The energy feeds them and creates the perfect environment for people to get unstuck.

Give your network marketing team the guidance they need and start scheduling time together.  You'll be happy you did.

#3: Go out and Individually Work with Them.

When you're new at something and don't know what to do or how to do it, it can be very hard to start taking action.  Next time you have a brand new person join your team that has never done network marketing before, go out with them.  Show them the ropes.  Demonstrate how it is done.  Do it with them.  Go out.  Make calls together.  See prospects together.  Set appointments in front of them.  This is the epitome of leading by example and showing how much you care.

An easy way to help someone get over their fear fear is simply investing time with them on a personal level.  It is a lot less intimidating when you have a partner with you than doing it solo.  It takes the intimidation level down dramatically.

If you want your network marketing team doing more, show them the way by leading and demonstrating what you want them to do by doing it yourself, work with your team in groups…and go out individually with people and show them how it's done.

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