What To Do NOW With Your Brand New Rep

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What To Do NOW With Your Brand New Rep
  • New Rep Relationship Building Process
  • Your System For Starting New Reps Out Right

What To Do NOW With Your Brand New Rep

Ok, you signed up a new rep, now what? First off, congratulations! Ok, my Fearless Networker, this is where your work begins. This is where you want to get them started on the right path in your business. Today, you’re getting my top four steps for starting your new reps out right! I highly recommend you take a few minutes to watch this training. Then start planning how you’re going to execute this into your business. One thing to remember before we get started. And this is critical to your success and your new reps’ success. It’s not your responsibility to do the work for them. It is your responsibility to provide a path for them to run on. And then show them how to run on it. With that said, let’s jump right into the training…

New Rep Relationship Building Process

Make sure you watch my video above to get all the details on this training. Ok, the first thing I do with a new rep is to get them to feel comfortable. You want them to feel at home with you and the business. Take some time and start to get to know your new rep. Why did they decide to join the business? What are their goals? Remember, this is the start of what might just be a lifelong friendship. Next, you want to introduce them to your upline sponsorship. The second thing you want to do is plug them into some type of fast start training. The key here is “fast start,” so they start to understand what to do. This should be easy and simple to understand. This is all happening on day one, if possible. The third step in this process is getting them into the trenches right away. Every rep has a countdown timer on them without them realizing it. So, getting them engaged right away is vital to their success. The fourth step is to set expectations based on how much time they plan to work the business. Then work with them to start making a list.

Your System For Starting New Reps Out Right

Remember: The goal is to help them create their first check within a week or as soon as possible. You want to show your new rep through your actions. You don’t want to tell them what to do simply… SHOW them what to do.

This episode, #149, it’s about “What To Do NOW With Your Brand New Rep.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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