When a Prospect Says, “I’ll Call YOU if I’m Interested”

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Let me paint this picture for you.

You contact a prospect and pique their interest about your business.  You're about to send them over some information about your company and set up a time to get back to them, and they give you some reply like, “I'll call you if I'm interested.”  

How many times have you had that happen?  For me…countless.

But…here's the deal.  Homey don't play that game.   I don't pay the “don't call us, we'll call you” game…ever.

Whether you're in traditional sales or network marketing and you allow yourself to play the game of “don't call us, we'll call you”, or “I'll get back to you if I'm interested”, it puts you into a weak or inferior position.

And…more important than that, when a prospect does that to you they're probably not even interested in taking a look.  They're only saying that to get rid of you.

Many people don't have the guts to say no.  They're weak.  They're afraid to say, “You know what Todd?  I appreciate the fact that you're looking to grow your business, but I'm really not looking for a change right now.” 

Instead…they say things like, “I'll call you if I like what I see.” 

Again…the challenge with that is that it puts you in the puppy dog position, begging for a treat.  While we are promotional, we aren't hear to try to convince people that they need to take a peak.  They either want to…or they don't Personally, Id much rather take it away from the person and maintain my position of strength.

If a prospect says something like that to me, I'd rather reply with something like, “You know Bob…I'm not really interested into try to SELL you anything.  Based on your response, it doesn't even sound to me like you're interested in taking a look.  I only send people information about my company that have a legitimate interest in taking a look.  So…when I hear you say, ‘I'll call you if I'm interested' shows me that you may not be exactly what I'm looking for…so I'm going to go ahead and let you go.”

Keep your dignity in tact and be willing to walk.  Your ability to walk away from situations like this build your strength and character.

After all…are you really looking to simply shoot out information to anyone who says “YEA…I'll take a look, but I'm really not interested in having you call me back.  I'll call you If I like what I see.” ?  I didn't think so.

Just remember…when your prospect says that to you, it just means that A) they either aren't the right prospect or candidate for your business, or B) it's the wrong time for them.

You can always get back to them at a later date when situations in their life might be a bit different and they're actually SERIOUSLY interested in what you have going on.

Keep your chin up and stay strong.

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