Why I Don’t Build 9 Programs Simultaneously…

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You ever wonder why someone doesn't make money in business? In network marketing?

You have any “friends” that are constantly onto the “next big thing”?
Do you know anyone who builds 3 programs simultaneously?

In my twenty year career in network marketing, there is not ONE SINGLE SOLITARY SOUL that I know who makes AT LEAST $10,000 a month that builds multiple deals.

I'm not saying that no one on planet earth exists that builds more than one program. But…what I am saying is this.

FOCUS is critical. Being LASER FOCUSED on something…ONE thing, is what produces the BIGGEST result. How big do you want your check to be?

If you think hedging your bets by building a nutritional company, a service company, offering prepaid legal, dental insurance, shampoos and coffee are going to lead you to the BIG money…you are MISTAKEN.

I will challenge ANYONE on this subject…anyone! Look around!

People like Brian Carruthers (Prepaid Legal), Dan McCormick (NuSkin), Susan Sly (Isagenix), Jordan Adler (Send Out Cards), Ben Sturtevant (Lightyear Wireless), Donna Valdes (Waiora), Ken Dunn (Max International), Margie Aliprandi (Neways), and Brig Hart (Monavie) don't do multiple deals.

These people have HUGE checks for specific reasons. They make a DECISION, follow it up with a COMMITMENT…and they stay FOCUSED!

Focus your energy. Focus your efforts. Focus your time. Your check will soar.

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