Working Referrals Back UP the Chain !

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Referrals are a super powerful way to build your business organically. Every business owner should be looking to MAXIMIZE the amount of referrals they get for their business.

The key is in the ASKING. If you ask, you get. If you never ask, you'll never get. Get yourself in the habit of ASKING the question “Who do you know?”

Who do you know who could stand to make some extra money?
Who do you know that would benefit from my product?
Who do you know that is not happy with where they are at?
Who do you know who…(you fill in the blanks)?

In this short video, I talk about how to work referrals back UP the chain. In other words, once you get a referral, HOW you leverage that referral into generating MORE business…not just the referral someone just gave you.

This is a VERY powerful technique, that WHEN done properly will lead to you sponsoring SEVERAL people at once, not just one.

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