Why you Should Never Send your Prospects to YouTube

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I originally put this video up on my Facebook page only.  In fact, due to the size of YouTube, I didn't even want to upload it there, considering I'm literally saying “Don't send people to YouTube.”  They probably wouldn't like that so much!

So…I put it up on Vimeo instead, and THEN embedded it on this blog.  By the way, that's a PERFECT example of what I talk about in the video here.

I'm surprised at how many people continue to send their prospects over to watch YouTube videos as a prospecting tool.

Four Simple Reasons Why you Should Never Send your Prospects to YouTube

#1:  Distractions.  Your prospects get distracted when you send them there.  They see ALL sorts of stuff, OTHER than your video.  The entire right side of the page is loaded with different videos they can see that pull their attention away from your video.  You want them to be focused on YOUR video…and nothing else.

#2:  Mean Marketers.  I should call them smart…because it's exactly what they are.  Marketers know that people will send their prospect's over to YouTube to check out their company.  What they do is produce videos that say things like, “Why Company X is a Scam”, “Why I Quit Company X”, “Three Things you Should Think About Before Joining Company X”…and so on.  These people are taking YOUR traffic…YOUR prospects and pulling them in to look at THEIR videos!!!  You're doing the marketing FOR them when you send your prospects there…which is the exact opposite of what you want to be doing.

#3:  Related Videos.  Most people when they put videos up on YouTube forget to turn off “Related Videos”.  I had a client who asked me to look at her video and give me feedback.  She sent me to YouTube…which I already knew was a mistake.  At the end of her video, there was a mostly naked woman on a table exposing her body parts.  That means ALL of her prospect's were seeing that image.  Not good.

#4:  Bad Comments.  Again…lots of people forget to turn off the “Comments” on their YouTube video.  People go in there all the time and post stuff that will pull people away from your company.  I don't think you'd be really happy to find a comment in under your video that says, “This company is a total scam.  Stay away from it.  They ripped me off.  They're all scammers.”  I've seen this happen far too many times to count.

So…what's the alternative?

Put together a simple TEAM WEBSITE and have your opportunity and product videos hosted there.  You could very easily put your video up on YouTube or Vimeo and then simply EMBED the video on your site.  That way, the video is easy to serve…but not with all the distractions of sending someone directly to that page.

Every one of my blog posts that have videos are YouTube videos…embedded on this blog.  Well…with the exception of this one, which is a Vimeo video embedded onto this page.

Be smart marketers.  In fact…you'd be VERY smart to download the Cheat Sheet here at the bottom of this page.  It's free…and will help you be a smarter marketer when it comes to Social Media.

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