The Smart Way to Recruit in Network Marketing

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The Smart Way to Recruit in Network Marketing

Without question…the smartest and easiest way to start recruiting in network marketing is by focusing on talent, on recruiting quality people.  You obviously want people who are capable of doing this business, and more importantly…have the working mindset to get into action quickly.

The smart way to recruit in network marketing is by not forgetting about what it is specifically that you are looking for in a business partner.  What do you want?  WHO do you want?  Most new people will take anyone and everyone that is willing to simply watch their presentation.  If they have a pulse, they'll take them.  Wrong.  Not a good place to start.

Here’s what I mean. Most brand new people will always take the path of least resistance. In fact…most people new or not will always take that path. Why? They perceive it to be easier…so why take the harder road?

So…what do they do? They run around talking to all their broke friends and family about their business, and avoid talking to the very best people on their list!

Tell me if you can relate to this.  “I'll go talk to my broke friend John because he won't get down on me or make fun of me for doing a business.  But…man, I'm sure not going to talk to Randy.  He's too successful for me.  He might blow me off or not be nice to me.  Worse yet…what if he, this guy I look up to, ends up completely putting me down?  I don't know if I could take that.  I guess I'll just stick to the people on my list that aren't successful.  It's safer.”

That scenario sound familiar???  I bet it does for a lot of people reading this post.  I know…I did the same thing!

Your Broke Friends versus Successful Friends

Let me ask you. If you were to divide those two groups and describe them, give them adjectives to make it more vividly clear what types of people these two groups are, what words would you use? Let’s play a game real quick and make something up.

brokefriendTodd’s broke friends
are: Lazy, un-motivated, broke, complain often, live in one-bedroom apartments, drive old cars, never have any money, grumpy often, skeptical, close-minded, and have their number one priority as spending their entire weekly check at the bar on Friday night.

successfulfriendThe BEST people on Todd’s list of friends are: highly motivated, inspiring, charismatic, hard working, upwardly motivated, responsible, clear communicators, positive, excited, seem happy all the time, live in nice places and drive nice cars, speak positively about others, optimistic, see their future as bright, and always open to having great experiences and amazing things come into their lives.

Which of the two groups would you rather recruit into your network marketing business??

The answer is pretty obvious.

The smart way to recruit in network marketing is to specifically focus on talent…to recruit up.

We all have the ability to recruit UP the socio-economic chain, even in our own warm market. Everyone has broke friends…and everyone has some successful friends.

The problem is that most people go after their broke friends and family because they think it is easier. It’s actually far more difficult to recruit these individuals because they are so stuck in their world. They’re mired in debt, despair, and being in the “world they’re in.”

I did a post on this a while back on this subject that you might find helpful.

Successful people are different.   They look at things differently. And…they look at things, including your opportunity, if you ask them!

It’s very important for you to understand this distinction. The smarter way is to recruit professional people, whether in your warm market or not.  I have a specific template I follow now when it comes to recruiting UP.  You can find it here on this page.  Print it out and keep it on your desk.  It will help you to get far better results when reaching out to good people on your list.

The smart way to recruit in network marketing is focusing on QUALITY.

How much time are you focusing on talking to people that you see as being super high caliber, motivated, hard working, and focused?

The moment you shift your focus is the moment your business will begin to change!

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